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A Rootdigger- Tells Us About Her Christmas

A Rootdigger: "Christmas, Is It Just Another day or a Traditional Happy Holiday For You?

Sometimes at Holidays, my mother used to jokenly say, it's just another day. Maybe those were the days that she had chicken instead of the christmas goose. Mother never acted as if it was just another day. At least not until she was in declining years. There was always evidence of Christmas to come and other holidays with the decorations around galore.

I can no longer spend christmas with my mother. And I did not attempt to imitate my mother's celebration of Christmas. Our family got together for christmas day celebration with my husbands family. I no longer drive four or five hours over the hills and through the woods to get together with my birth family. We spent it with Dear Peg who has had at least two other celebrations of christmas with her extended family groups. So you see we were not the only reason for her holiday decor! I think that could be all part of the motivation factor; at least it would be for me to have that many christmas get togethers at my house. That girl doesn't take the easy way that is for sure. It is the good silverware and the china everytime. Holidays, birthdays, you name it. She is The best Hostest all around; just as if I were at my mother's house for christmas."

It just occurred to me that I helped with dishes there just like I used to for mom. [ only I did scraping/ washing/ drying/ putting away at moms ].

Lets get back to Peg and her house all done for christmas. Not a thing out of place other than baby toys. She has the way of making you feel so special the whole time you are there. I thought of her again yesterday in connection with a author of a new to me blog called the Beautyful Life. It is so like my thoughts and Pegs, [ I can only guess for Peg. ] [She has been without fail a Martha Stewart fan for years before she discovered HGTV.] I absolutely fell in love with the blog.

Now as it is added into the reader list at the right, I know it is my 2009 gift to myself. I truly like how she thinks and feels.

It was the best christmas present I could give myself. I always find that the new wonderful blogs I have discovered to be like gifts or presents to myself. This christmas I even invited retired friends from afar to view my chosen ones on the right. [ I am trying to talk them into blogging] [ I had not come out of the closet as a blogger before this christmas ].

I like how the blogger Ruth Harsham thinks. She wrote this:

We each have a unique position in life and no matter how each of us goes about our lives on a daily basis, I truly believe if we could bring all of it together in a comman room at once, we'd be utterly amazed at what we truly possess as woman and how truly influential we are in lives of those with whom we live.

Anyway, she could be recommended for the longest sentence nicely written. I loved her tree. I liked the clock in the tree and the old diaries under the tree. Nowadays, one sees little tiny lights, which I like, but loved even more the large lights of hers on her tree. She has a store where I would love to browse to see all the niches she would create.

And I think our Peg thinks like her too, but different too of course. Peg also collects antiques. She collected the same antique ornament on her tree over the years. I am sorry the photo does not do justice to how many she has. Collecting the same thing like That takes dedication. Or love of it.

I think that way, but don't always carry through as those I admire do. And well, you know I live through others blogs at the right!
I guess the material in the blog, is what I would look forward to reading. I could say more, but why should I spoil someones elses joy of discovery! So feel free to find her blog at the side.

After I browsed a bit further, I discovered Martha Stewart circle of blogs. I have added that, for Peg, if she ever reads my blog. [big smile with a wink]

It's been a good 2008 and I have a good outlook for 2009, afterall.
Happy Reading.
just jo

Note: For some pictures from our Pegs home you can follow the link.
She has done all that work on so many family outings for which I am grateful and still allowed me to post some pictures that I took at her house!
A Rootdigger

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