Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did you see Save My Bath HGTV Television Show This Morning?

I found the design Show about The Bathroom episode on tv. The woman on Desperate spaces was the designer. a little humorous this morning. It was a repeat. I only caught glimpses of portions of the show. I did catch most of the reveal. The couple were happy with the results.

I began to pay attention at the moment the homeowner and designer were picking wallpaper for the bathroom. The designer mentioned wallpaper with texture and the homeowner said yes it is perfect for people to use if they have flaws in their walls. [She was offering homeowners a tip][ [It helps hide the flaws.] Rather than acknowledging that; the designer says
but your getting brand new smooth walls in your bathroom.
It seemed some concepts just seemed to be flying over the designers head during a lot of that program. I guess, I wondered why the wall paper had to be textured to be country. In fact the right response was flying over the designers head quite often.

The problem of the day for this designer was to select and design just the right decor for the couples country decorated home.

The homeowner had crafts and lots of warm color here and there. Nothing like the old Rachel Ashley style, if you get my picture. [ I am not sure I know much about her current updated style] I myself would like to visit and converse with the homeowner and talk about what she has all done. I bet we could talk for days.

I found humor in the situation that had presented itself to the designer. She made it obvious she had to rein herself in to keep from flapping off from the mouth in her usual style. The editing made it obvious. I think they could have started fresh in her comments. Or was that all the designer was capable of doing with comments?

The end result was very simple and pretty. She chose a simple dark red stripe running up and down on a off white textured wallpaper. The designer chose some toile curtains in a length that seemed to be an odd length considering the size of the actual window. [ Remember, I only caught part of the episisode.] It was a clutter free refreshing bathroom. The wall Decoration was a wreath the designer and homeowner made for the room. They had designed in some new lighting.

The homeowner was a woman who did crafts. Her crafts were proudly displayed here and there, which showed her charming cozy home. One I would love to live in and own. The contrast between the bathroom and the rest of the house along with the challenge of the designer had been shown strikingly obvious. Thus it struck me as little humorous.

It may have been a low key intention and maybe not.
Did anyone else this morning catch Save my bath?

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