Sunday, January 11, 2009

Changes with Michaels craft store. - Lifes little shopping heaven.

Our wishes are often resemblances of little heaven worlds in our imaginations. [Little bits of heaven] I thought I realized a little one developing because of Michaels and JoAnn fabrics this weekend.

I was anxious to start a snowflake bead craft on my mind.

I had found time to run to the local Michaels craft store in my little comfortable shopping circle. Walkable. Best buy, Large woman clothing store, [two]computer stores, Tj Maxx, and Borders. [Macys and Yonkers a short drive by Pier One down the hill and accross the street by Kincaide and JC. Pennies.] Driving in, I noticed a Jo Ann fabric store upcoming accross the street. I was thrilled. I had not been shopping since summer. It is amazing it's had been that long, I know! [Our Linen and things there was done and closed.] Imagine all that next to each other. Shop one and check on another within minutes. Shop one store and finnish at another.

But not entirely heaven, I guess. Michaels craft has a big moving sale.
When I entered Michaels, I could see all was fine, until I ventured back further. I saw some product low in quanity. That kind of low restocking signals a warning. I heard some conversation about the JoAnn fabric and the store closing. Not Michaels craft closing for good, I let out breath in relief. However, they are moving behind the store somewhere.

Oh what a dissappointment that is to me on the other hand. I thought it would be shopping heaven having the two stores in same area. One could compare prices easily with out hassel. I could finnish one store and hop accross the street to get fabric.

I think Michaels is moving for fear of competion. I doubt it was thought through at all by a reasonable shopping kind of person in management.

However, changes were certainly needed in the old Michael store. For me with my glasses, I find the glare and darkness with my glasses a problem. It is very crowded or closed in, but with a great selection offered. In The Best Buy building joining theirs, their bathrooms are an after thought as well. Restrooms are Inconvenient and difficult in all of the stores except with the Borders book store.

I might add that the bookstores in malls are a huge dissappointment, because they only sell novels etc. Not the good stuff! If they do carry decor books they are so limited in type. So I don't go out of my way to go those book stores. I stay at my Borders store with my cappachino which was free this week with coupon I got online.

I might add due to changes over the years even the decor books and gardening/ crafts etc books stacks at borders have declined in numbers.

As I left Michaels on my way to Borders I had this momentary wishing. If only the new Michaels would take on a concept like Borders. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a little counter or a few chairs where one could sip coffee and have a little buzz with other shoppers about the crafts one is about to do. A place to make up ones mind. [ Or Perhaps with restrictions about merchandise going into that area unless purchased.]
Too, I noticed that now one can access the internet in the book store. It is a new feature. How nice. Michaels could have that too with their little snack/ coffee area.

Today I bought the sunday paper for a Michaels discount coupon and found none. I wanted to go back to get some beads. But not without the coupon. { Which is not on books!] I guess it will have to wait. Walmart is only a mile away, I wonder if they carry them. I will check around.

Unfortunately, our life as we know it is changing, whether I want it to or not.
I took time to enter a survey with Michaels and at the same time I have a chance to win 500 dollars gift card.

Wouldn't life be a little heaven, if our wishes could come true

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