Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Adrenal fatigue – the effects of stress and high cortisol

I find any kind of material written about health issues of the frightning nature and often retreat back into a novel with my donut and coffee. Many times, I have started to research various health issues and quit to read fun blogs instead. Scary stuff!.

I happened to see this women to women topic and article, when I was googling for some information. It was presented so well that I forgot my fears and began to read to learn more about the topic of Adrenal Fatique. I must say I did get a good feeling about the topic. Especially when I read further about the article on what to do for this problem. Which you can find in the article below this one on what you can do with what you Eat in your daily diet that can make a difference with this problem.

I wanted to show you this not just for an outlet for my litle dose of humor, not as just a lead into my urging one to read blogs, but because I find the topic of importance to ladies of my age. It could help someone who was not looking for the topic.

And then it is perfect as my lead into a topic about releaving stress by comfortable reading among other methods probably touched upon in links to this article. After all many of us feel the need to make new years resolutions. Kept or not kept already, It's never to late to make changes. Changes for the better can be done anytime. I have to share this with you. I hope you too can read on for more information. Comments welcome.

Adrenal fatigue – the effects of stress and high cortisol:

The original, life-saving role of the adrenal glands

To understand how adrenal fatigue develops, it is important to understand the original, evolutionary function of the adrenal glands. The adrenals are walnut-sized glands located on top of each kidney, and are important control centers for many of the body’s hormones. The outer layer of the gland, called the adrenal cortex, produces hormones including cortisol, DHEA, estrogen and testosterone. The centers of the glands produce adrenaline, the hormone named after them.

The basic task of your adrenal glands is to rush all your body’s resources into "fight or flight" mode by increasing production of adrenaline and other hormones. When healthy, your adrenals can instantly increase your heart rate and blood pressure, release your energy stores for immediate use, slow your digestion and other secondary functions, and sharpen your senses.

"Let’s emphasize two points about this healthy stress response. First, it takes priority over all other metabolic functions. Second, it wasn’t designed to last very long.

Stress and the adrenal glands
Unlike our ancestors, we live with constant stress. Instead of occasional, acute demands followed by rest, we’re constantly over-worked, under-nourished, exposed to environmental toxins, worrying about others — with no let-up.
Every challenge to the mind and body creates a demand on the adrenal glands. And the list of challenges is endless: lack of sleep, a demanding boss, the threat of losing your job, financial pressures, personality conflicts, yo-yo dieting, relationship turmoil, death or illness of a loved one, skipping meals, reliance on stimulants like caffeine and carbs, digestive problems, over-exercise, illness or infection, unresolved emotional issues from our past or present and more. The result is adrenal glands that are constantly on high alert.
The destructive effect of high cortisol levels
What is cortisol? In its normal function, cortisol helps us meet these challenges by converting proteins into energy, releasing glycogen and counteracting inflammation. For a short time, that’s okay. But at sustained high levels, cortisol"

I am going to read as much about this aricle and links as I can. I hope you can see in the article what I see. There are interesting points to consider about Carbs and caffeine and salt. Nothing new in that. But I see the points layed out to me so I can better understand the way it works against my body. That is why I would like you to read more on this article. You gain a kind of Understanding with out fear not often found in some medical sites and books that I have found before.


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi "Arootdigger" --

I'd be HAPPYY to solve the see-through rug "mystery" for you! :)

Those are floorboards you're seeing -- the design is painted on the floor and its an all-over design, giving the appearance of a very large rug. Oh my, though -- if you could see the floors in person, the secret would be out. Those floors have definitely seen their better day, but all in all I love them because of the wear and tear they show, but they're still probably stronger than most new wood today. Amazing how that works -- a trade of sorts: scars for strength. Kinda like life...

Thanks so much for your comment!! :)

Jacqueline said...

Hey Arootdigger -- stumbled onto your blog from google and just wanted to add that WomentoWomen.com is an awesome site that is a real comfort to read. I am glad to see that if Adrenal Fatigue is something that you are worried about, that W2W is where you are turning. The articles are empowering and never end without cluing you into how you can take charge of your life and GET BETTER. SO, read on without fear!

arootdigger2 said...

Jacqueline, did I give that impression? I did not mean to. I meant any thing about diseases and consequences in the health field is so scary for me to read. And you are righthe content of the article by women to women. I was very impressed with women to women articles. And it was not stress ful or scary for me.

I had a tough time leading into that one. Maybe I will go back and reword it.

arootdigger2 said...

The Beautyful Life,
Thanks for your explanation.
I guess I had considered that too. but somethinog about the rug made me think it was a rug. I love it though. It seems to be so very well done. Love what you do. [I added you to reading list so I can read with out hassel of googling you.] Thanks again for stopping by.
Come again.