Sunday, January 18, 2009

Her Words seem familiar! - Wsprsweetly Of Cottages: OUR LITTLE COTTAGE WANNABE

Oh How true her words are. We can have our little cottage anywhere.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages: OUR LITTLE COTTAGE WANNABE: "A little cottage can be made anywhere you live. I believe this. I have only lived here since June, but I am determined it will be an adorable little cottage one day.
Work with what you have, after all, another word for cottage is 'love.' <
Posted by Mona at 4:27 PM
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I found Monas blog today on my sunday cruise. The wise and good ones always know about making cottage style work for themselves. [Smile] I like Monas style. I hope you will take time to enjoy it too.
Have a good day. jo


Mona said...

Hi...I thought I had made a comment on here..but I guess I did not. My border on my blog came from Fairy backgrounds and it is free. You can see the ad in the upper left hand corner of my blog.
She really does have some pretty ones..and there are ones you can pay for also I believe.
Thank you for featuring my blog in one of your posts. I had no idea there was a blog of the same name as my post. :) Interesting.
Again, thank you for your kind words and do stop by again sometime.
Happy Valentines Day!
Mona :)

arootdigger2 said...

Mona, maybe. I check publish post all the time. I search and search to see where it is, but can't find them. Sooner and possibly later, I will get a better hang of this blogging. [lol]
thanks so much for comments.
I do love your blog. !!!!