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Mosaics Meets -- "Renaissance Gowns, Medieval, Scottish, Irish Celtic wedding gowns, dresses, Kilts, and other costumes.

The Mosaic crafting has inspired this interest in Kilts worn in Scotland. READ ON FOR THE EXPLANATION.
Recently a person I work with said she was sending along a little humorous light weight package to Scotland. And would I like to send along something humorous as well? The package was to go to a young gal who had left our employment to pursue some "life" in a castle in Scotland for a time before returning back to America to do an Internship. I and a few others admired her spirit of wanting to really live life, even at her young age.
Mosaic Road

So my thoughts were to make a small mosaic plaque out of the broken dishes that I had been collecting, while she was with us. For lettering would be some broken mirrors, which she knew I collected curbside from college students leftovers. I wanted to form the words "LIVE". I described this to the other person and said if our young friend comes back with a man in a skirt [kilt ], I would make her one that said 'LOVE' or I [heart].
Hearts and skill to die for.

This clock especially shows what I had in mind, only with more white. [ Be sure to visit her sight for visions of her work that makes you sigh at her skill..

The words "kilt" and "mirror" seemed to have prompted my coworker to misunderstand my idea. She had turned MY IDEA into "a mirror on the shoe". I kind of like to pick on the girl in Scotland!! So now you know that is the reason I found this blogger and the other links which ended up here in a blogspot post.

"The Stitch
January 29, 2009
Racing for a cure
Hey, everyone!
I hope you're all staying warm during this exceptionally chilly winter. Remember: Spring is right around the corner, so enjoy it while you can. It's only temporary and it provides the perfect excuse to curl up under a warm blanket and read a good book."
A laptop serves just as well too!

I found this among her links to be a little amusing and clever.
Renaissance Gowns, Medieval, Scottish, Irish Celtic wedding gowns, dresses and costumes: "Kilt Lifting Kit

Admit it. You want to know.
Kilt-lifters, please be courteous before ever attempting to perform a kilt check.
Not everyone approves of this sort of behavior, and that's ok.
You should always ask permission and be respectful to ALL kilt-waring friends.
Please, look around to make sure there are no children in the area.

How to assemble your OWN kilt-lifting kit
For many years we sold these marvelous little kits to the public. We recently decided that we would rather teach the world how to make their OWN kits. You can either keep the kit for yourself, or make one (or several) to give as a gift to your favorite kilt-lifting friend(s)!
What you need:
One printout of this page. If you're giving a kilt lifting kit to your friends, simply print out this page and pack it in the kit. Your friend will now have a complete set of instructions on how to use the tools of the trade. Plus, they can learn the ever-entertaining Scotsman song at the bottom of this page".
If you want to read more click the link.

Renaissance Gowns, Medieval, Scottish, Irish Celtic wedding gowns, dresses and costumes: "you've got your answer in the mirror's reflection."
Want to Read more, click the link.

I picked up this link along the same subject.
Folklore: Proper Wearing of a Kilt - Let 'em SwingFolklore: Proper Wearing of a Kilt - Let 'em Swing: "Subject: RE: BS: Proper Wearing of a Kilt - Let 'em Swing
From: Dave Swan
Date: 03 Mar 01 - 10:42 AM
About a dozen men wore kilts to our wedding. One of our favorite photos from the reception shows one of the female guests wearing a wicked grin and a small mirror taped to the top of her shoe."
To read more click the Link.

After All this said [blogged]; I have decided to scrap the idea of mosaic and go with the a copy of the page of instruction mentioned above with song with a hankerchief, and some shoe polish. Not as fancy as this.
I realize the young gal may think it improper of me, but she does have a sense of humor and will still take it all in fun.

Lavender Hill blog -
The mosaic can stil be done whenever I am ready. But I can now take my time with the craft. It will then still be fun to do.
In time mean time we can see more Of Lavender Hill blog and all of her creative work. I wish I could get my plates to break up so wonderfully correct like she does in her crafts.

I hope she can forgive me for showing so many pictures from her blog to illustrate my point. If you visit her blog you can find magazines [ I have the romantic Homes magazine]that have also featured her, and you'll see why!!

.........just me jo

Picture of Hankerchief from

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