Friday, February 6, 2009


I used the above picture and then went up into accessories to use a couple of 'notebooks' to copy what I wrote below. I printed it, cut it. Then taped one on top of bordered certificate paper. Then I scanned it several times.
If I could have found my metalic gold pen, I would have used it to copy over the embellishments on the end copy. I didn't have it, so I used my yellow pen highlighter which had picked up the black ink.

This certification certifies that _________________
has been instructed in the proper methods of Kilt Lifting.
Thus licensed and authorized to freely transact according to Doctrines of Kilt Lifting. Said person has been issued equipment needed to officialy conduct Kilt Liting should it come up to find an answer to a question in regards to the kilt wearer. Then Said person may implement proper research acording to training here certified.

Academy of World Wide KIlT LIFTING GUILD.

I put it all into the KILT KIT Bag bag pictured below.

Into the DRAWSTRING bag went a print out of Instructions found at the website. The certificate above. A shoe Polish, A tiny bit of velcro, a hanky, and two auto mirror. The mirror has self sticky to be attached to the shoe. Thus only one use. I included two circles that can be strung through shoe laces and the mirror can be attached to it. I like the domed mirror, though. I guess all in all a couple hand held mirrors as originally suggested might have been the way to go. I did purchase some mirrored sunglasses which would have worked also. Then all one had to do was insert it in between the shoe and the toes. Either easily found at the dollar store. You could make a small cut out from a lid with places for lacing which could hold the auto mirror. Or even cut to serve as little inserting handles to slip inside the shoe by the tongue of the shoe.

Now more I should haves or should I still. Project done.

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arootdigger2 said...

A friend told me she went into that link and found a gown that she would like to wear to a Rennaisance Fair. and it is a good like, especially for a little research about fashion according to the time period you might be looking for.