Thursday, March 12, 2009

Irish Cottage Dreams

...........Cleary brothers Irish

Irish cottages that come to mind is exactly like that you see to the left. Maybe cause of those Posters. It makes me think of something we read in grade school, it was pictures like this but back then it had a goat on a rope on the roof of the cottage.

And this kind of pic as well.
You betcha I am blogging today about the Irish. I have no Idea why, do you?

I doing a three for one on a Thurday deal. It might be the luck of the Irish for you today.

This Young Kimme''s blog is telling us what she has been doing to fulfil her desire for a Irish cottte in small village in Ireland. I understand her dream and drive, and the sacrifices she's going through to get her dream fulfilled. To read more click below.

Minature Gardens

A small portion from the enchanting Enchantment Gardens web blog.
Have you ever had a project that became a true thorn in
your side? That was certainly the case for our latest addition, our miniature
Irish cottage pictured above. The
problem? We could not achieve a thatched roof that worked with our tiny
miniature structure.

I loved the header picture and as I kept going, I found more and more posts to love. I am saving still more for another day. So I have added them to my reading list. I just know you will enjoy it if you love minatures and cottages.
I love mossy stones and gardens, and the cottages. So I win altogether with this blog.
And a bit about mining moss at this blog.
Many blogs about the Irish.

Coming up on television, Don't forget John Wayne with Mareen Ohara at Dublin. It's a classic old film. Perfect to top of the evening of fun.

More on the Irish.
No pics of the blog allowed...sorry.
Below is the image at: from Enchanted Gardens
Pamela in Dublin also blogged about Kimme's dream. She had this to say...
Update: I have just been to Kimme's blog, Irish Cottage
Dreams, see sidebar, and I see that her dream is getting ever closer!
WWhaaaa!! How exciting is that? She has spun a dream out of wishes and made it
One of her ideas to raise the money was to make fingerless mittens
and she does a wonderful job of them. I got some for Christmas presents and they
were a big hit. Very reasonably priced too $12 including postage...pop over and
have a looksee! These are the must have mittens this year. She also knits and
donates items to an Irish charity to raise funds for them. Good on ye'
Kimme...what goes around comes around.
....... Not only that, but this wonder woman is living in Ballinamore, she has a blog, a dog and a great sense Schoolhouse and Liz Biz ..see sidebar)
Her pictures are so vivid. I kind of liked her shopping pictures. of humour!
Who knew a small town in rural Ireland would have, at least, three bloggers (meself, Angie Old

Another bloggers take....

This just goes to show there is plenty out there about my bloved cottage, in Ireland, if one cares to look. I got a little carried away. So Enjoy.

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