Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cottage BlueBird: I wanna be a HOMIE

There was something special about this cottage. When I opened the site, I could have sworn I heard a blue bird. But it must have been my imagination.

Cottage BlueBird: I wanna be a HOMIE

Something else I noticed about this blog as I went to her slide show. The outside of Her house looks just like the one I wanted to buy for a few years. Or should I say, like the one, I would have loved to have peeked inside to see. Actually it was painted just like this one. The difference betwen them is that in front view like this it had a gable with a window. Later on it was for sale and sold within a week! That goes to show you what great curb appeal does to us women.

I think they did great things to the back yard too. Though impossible to see. Though, while I was at the thrift sale, I did get to my utmost ability a good look. But I don't think there is another blogger here, like mine in western Wisconsin.

I love blue all shades as well as pink. In fact I have been thinking of a change in a kitchen like something I saw on hgtv. They used blue toile and a deep shade of a dusty blue. not real gray. I should see, just so I know, what the color was called. If I can recall the name and even the host of the show.

So, with all this in mind, I think I am going to enjoy blue bird as it progresses.

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