Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I confess today,

I have always loved Rosanne Barr's humor!
I have always disliked Tom Arnold, except now he has found his niche on Redneck weddings.
I confess I enjoy viewing "Redneck Weddings". At times I get a little upset with Tom Arnold and how he says things.

And it is one show that the husband would sit and watch with me. I think he is sitting there thinking he wished he could have gotten by wearing cowboy boots or having an outdoor wedding in his blue jeans.

Of course I enjoy watching some drama shows or should I say reality shows. I enjoy watching regular weddings on some channels. I like the wife swap shows as well. I kind of like the process of Top Model and some of the Hair dresser swaps. etc. Occasionally, I watch the Bad girls club.

I think though, I watch for the content and not the process that they go through to get down the isle. Sometimes, I think, I would rather just record the show and zip through it later. I guess, I have spurts for different shows at different times or moods.

Have you seen REd Neck weddings. I can't tell you what time I see them on or what channel. It's more or less hit and miss for me.

More to come.
Watch for my Red necked Easter!!

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