Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to Peg's topiary living room

Peg's topiary creations are rather fitting for my cottage blog. I thought they were cute. So if you'd like you can check her link to see the topiary and read the article.

Welcome to Peg's topiary living room: "Peg and Ken were newlyweds, full of hopes and dreams of the future when Peg was injured at work from lugging tree-sized plants. Three herniated disks and blood clots in her legs resulted in back surgery and surgery to repair an aorta. She had a total of three clots: one in each leg the first time and one a year later in her left leg. After the surgery to install an aorta stent, pain woke Peg in the morning and kept her awake at night; it became her constant companion. She loved gardening but now her dreams of even decorating her new back yard were dashed. The pain medications were too strong and the pain was too severe. Peg never gave up on her recovery but often her injuries and pain were not addressed, exacerbating both.
Peg's answer came through a winning attitude, an understanding spouse"

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