Friday, June 12, 2009

Featuring Anita's blogspot ....My Country Cottage Garden.

Do you love cottage gardens. I do. But then
I love gardens. From experience it seems anything
European English or French just rings my bells.

If your like me, and if you love those kind of gardens, you will love this charming cottage garden blog. The blogger is in Germany and has her special German charm that I love. Although first glance you would swear it was an English garden. For some reason it kind of make ME think of Monet. So I absolutely couldn't pass up giving you a link to her site. I didn't borrow any of her gorgeous photos today. You'll just have to click the link and see them for yourself.

The picture at the left from my garden appears to me like a Claude Monet painting. Got that and Impression of Impressionism.

My Country Cottage Garden: "Friday, May 29, 2009
Sweet days & roses in my May garden

Hello everybody and welcome back to my sunny May garden!
There are lots of exciting news around here this week: new garden pottery made by me, more allium pictures, my very first clematis and last but not least, the first blooming roses of the season!"

A blog By Anita.

Aaaa hhh, You came back!
Did I not say it was great. Inspiring, Enchanting. Now you know why I speak of Monet. I think the colors brings Monet garden to mind.

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