Friday, December 26, 2008

Stress and Fatique during the Holidays can be relieved by Blog reading.

Now that Christmas day is over do you feel you can now fall into more of a relaxed state. For me, I think so. There has been so much stress due to holiday activities lately. New Years bring more still for other people. but not for me. There is still the after christmas specials and sales on winter items as merchants make room for spring items. But lets not call that stressful. Shopping in that way is fun.

Still the new year with taxes and other new economic changes will certainly bring stress and tiredness. I have been thinking that up coming New Year is a time to begin to deal with the stress in a more subdued way. That thought is because I have been thinking about an article I read on Adrenal Fatique. A very clear article written by Marcelle Pick for Women to Women.

Eating to support my Adrenal glands.
I know my eating habit includes caffeine, and Carbs. Due to a Pre-diabedes condition that I have; has made me aware that both of two need to be in a low priority in my eating habits. I feel best when I eat protein and green vegetables. And often too with some shopping exercise, which is also good for stress levels.

I hope you can find time to read the article. I found it to be a good reminder of many things we have already heard about. I found that the articles mention of caffeine and what it does to us; is a good motivator for me to cut down drastically. I had wanted caffeine as natural stimulant for to my Adhd problem. Maybe one partly causes the other.

My changes can be small steps at first. Maybe I should switch from Pepsi to non caffeine soda. Eliminate soda, probably not entirely! Caffeine in Chocolate, which relaxes me? Maybe I can go to moderating the amounts of consumption. I have liked to have just a taste of Christmas- cookies, pie, misc. After the christmas cookies are gone, it will be easier....... Maybe?

I have already switched from coffee to noncafeinated tea most of the time. I especially find that mint tea is my answer. I find it free all summer long in the garden. And I can easily find it for winter consumption. [I just need to harvest it next year- new years resolution.]
Often the reason I slip to coffee is that thoughts come to mind like these:

- Wouldn't cookies or pie taste better with a cup of coffee.
- Flavored Coffee latee, umm yumm
- Coffee when your tired gets you in a mood mode to work.
- Coffee is natural and cheaper instead of expensive prescribed pills.

Well now just thinking about the hopeful changes has reduced my mental stress already. I am hoping that the article has provided a needed clue to others, who just had not thought of the foods that contribute to our fatique problem.

I hope you too can find your own mental stress releaving oasis- way of relief of beginning stress. Yoga or any other new method are other ways.

Mind meditation of a calm happy place.

I think I will kick back now and read some blogs on my blog list. [I have added a couple more.] With my tea and feet up, I think that will be just what I need at the moment. Another world in a blog. Sure they can be inspiring, but relaxing and pleasurable at the same time. Refreshed after my break, I'll deal with some work later. Join me. Happy Blog Reading.

* Soon, I hope to tell you a couple charming craft ideas that I picked up during the christmas celebration.

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