Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let's Try On Some Stone Siding for a French Shabby Cottage Look

Since I love French decor, I thought maybe my little cottage wannabe could try on a take of the french cottage look. It couldn't hurt to be a wannabe cottage owner of a French stone cottage. See the result at the left. { Sorry, I am not an artist}

My shabby cottage Ick could be a little French field stone cottage. A little field stone siding should jazz it up. Imagine turquoise blue or french blue shutters along the sides of each window. Then we could add some trim paint in the same color. Definately some Pink geraniums in some pots for color Punch for that look. Now that would be a picture. Hmmmm.

Yes I do believe it is enhanced. Maybe in front there could be some stone gravel that is so French. Along with that, maybe, I could find a spot for a bench. I see we forgot the bicycle that one usually has with an attached basket of planted flowers Hmmm.

It might have been nice to have shutters with the stucco siding that it had before. Before it was imagined to be field stone . It is amazing what a little color pop can do.

Rats. I forgot it was a thatched roof? Or is it suppose to be tile?.

There is castles and there is cottages.


I have always loved the stone cottage look. Don't you love the stone castle look too. We can save that look for another day. There is something about stone siding that is so good looking. I think rocks look good everywhere, anywhere. [picture diamonds and emeralds]


I kind of like my shabby cottage in field stone. But it would involve a regression to lots of rustic wood. Maybe.
I do really lean toward those french homes in a regtangular shape with a light shade of peachy gold or sandy color. With variations of this color, but all in one tone. Not too shabby! Check out the French garden house on the side. It s not a mansion, but not a cottage. It says elegant curb appeal all by itself. And Cote de Texas has a blog further back about some beautyful homes. She also has an article on some Sweden home styles. They have some interior colors that give wonderful new meaning to gray blue and combinations on the light side, which I love. I wish Hgtv would have shows as good and thorough and beautyful like that in their shows.

Take it to the cottage level, but with only the colors and textures. Perhaps the grays and blue possibilities with the whites and creme variations.
It is one cottage look I could consider. It would be better than the look I suspect that would involve rather rustic looking decor. There would be lots of warm tones needed for our shabby field stone cottage interior, right?. Something like the traditional provincial look shown in the seventies or earlier? There is always a new look even for the old style. And some basic looks are never gone.

I have always loved this color blue. And also more of a French Blue. Which means less green tint in the paint.

Yes, I love french blue. The color here is too turquoise. Maybe it should be more of a gray blue with pink geraniums. Or lots of lavendar. I can grow lavender.

I really have to keep things straight here. Lets see stucco with french blue or gray blue or the field stone with the same. Shutters or just the trim. Often time there is tile on the roof. We should keep some solar sky lighting too, don't you think? That would really be nice. It would let in lots of sunshine. [ Aso naturaal.]

Enough already for one day. We have really done a good job with the look.

I'll have to think on it. See more blogs, etc.

I am looking forward to some on french decor. Maybe with some outdoor accessories. I think I have a couple in my roll. See you soon.

just jo

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