Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Cottage Wannabe Hunter For Her Trophy Case.

Welcome to my cottage site. I am trying to turn my little home into the cutest cottage like I have seen in decorating shows, magazines and blogs. My house is a cottage wannabe. I am a cottage decorator reader wannabe. What I really mean is that I am a person who wants her home eventually be a pretty little cottage. Once I learn the knack.

In the mean time, I am looking for a cottage Charmer about her charming cottage. teehee!. I can learn from her. Actually I wonder,if I would rather just enjoy the great work done by the others.

I will be going Hunting!
What I will be doing is hunting down blogs that I want to read off of my blog roll. [My trophy case.] It will be kind of like a man going out to hunt his pheasant or wild turkey . [ A deer hunter waits, and I don't wait] I go out into the forest of the wilderness of the web. I look here or there with the right bait and frame of mind [ google search engine words] and check on my prey when one appears.

Yup, its the right one. Bang! I got it with one shot. I drag it home. Stuff it, display it and tell everyone about the little old pheasant[ new blog roll on list] I happened to have bagged yesterday. I am so proud I display some of The feathers all over the place. Maybe more comments or examples of the favorite parts. Then someone usually asks about reason there are feathers. Then I can tell hunting stories of how I got my bird. [ something like how it almost didn't make it there on my blog.] I could raise my own pheasants or wild turkeys, but why? There is not the thrill of the hunt!. The skill in finding the fine specimen of the bird. And the fulfillment and enjoyment I feel when ever I look at my bird so proudly displayed on my special collections shelf. [ My blog roll] And then there are the books about the subject which tells me what I need to learn about getting such a bird. [Blogs on how to do a blog]

Actually, I think it is nearly the same feeling I get about shopping and traveling. I love to find and explore new thrift shops, antique shops. [ love mine close to home too] It is the thrill of the hunt. For some it is the haggle, then the bagging it, or getting what you want after how many hunts for it. You then proudly get it home, which is sometimes an achievement in itself. That is like exploring new wilderness. Or taking a vacation to a new place. We sight see. To me it's all the same. Its in there with searching for blogs in the unseen wilderness of the net.

I can't afford to be a cottage chic blogger or even a French decor blogger or any other Charming decor blogger. So I live through these blogs. Just as I did as a book worm in the characters of the novels I read.

Learning about the subject.

Part of the attraction to decor blogs is the need to read and learn how others have been blogging about decor. Whether it is French or other old world european decor. Maybe about Castles or Cottages. So long as it is nice looking homes and gardens. I need to figure out what makes one more appealing than another. I can get two for one here. What a deal. I can learn and I enjoy the pictures and material in the blogs at the same time. And the third charm factor as mentioned is the thrill of the hunt. Since it is what I love.

I have found that there are some visions I like. Some have the right Decor charm that I would like to add to my collections. [not necessarily cottage decor] I guess I get attached to some bloggers who voice the same likes. Like I felt and saw , when I read a blog at the side. Cote de texas blogger mentioned her likes or tastes, I thought 'gosh I do too'. 'She likes what I like'! So I bagged it. And brought it home. And it is not necessarily cottage design. But it resembles some of my taste. [ Often times some shops shown in blogs have the decor I love]

Then there are days, when I don't know what decision I want to make. So I bring it on home to decide later. I am an awful decision maker. I guess that is why I seek out those who always just know what works.

I have bagged a few blogs in my hunts to start with for now. Tee hee. I am hoping to get another hunt in this weekend. You'll like my hunting hobby trophy.
Thats all today from the cottage wannabe hunter. It's
just me jo

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