Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Shabby Ick Cottage Night View

Oh how I wanna have cottage chic!

I would love to be a cottage blogger. Maybe someday. In the mean time I am studying other blogs. I will learn by others. I know I have found so many wonderful blogs. I suppose I will mention a few now and then.
Such as this one.
There is so much information on the blogs for a beginer blogger. After one signs up one spends half their time looking for all the information one needs to make ones blogs pleasing. There is far more information out there on topics how to make money and how to use the right words. But I as a new bloggers need so much more than that.

I really need a little guidance.

Here is a little photo of my cottage kitchen in the night view.

Well, I am being funny?

Actually, I really do love black and white together with a color and lots of white. Which is okay. Mixed in right with the Traditional ways. and new ways. And just the right Look. It would still qualify under the term cottage. As in toile -- the French influence.

I have always had the yen for French anything. In the movie 'The French Touch' Meg Ryan character had the same yen for a little stone cottage. Not so formal. Not too rustic. I go for comfy as well. I especially love the office of Fifi 's blog in my blog roll.

Then again I love white and white blends with nearly everything. There are some well done photos in the blog next to this called Something white.

Maybe sometime I can show my favorites. If I figure out how to get permission. I might still add some more favorites.

I live and sleep decorating or should I call it the new hgtv word for it -stageing. I admit I am not really creative. I need to be inspired. I am a bit of a copycat. And there are so many wonderful sources showing me choices to copy. I can't make up my mind!.

So I keep the hobby of cruising for ideas and inspiration. [That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.}
I am sorry it is an affliction. I can't help it.
As long as the blogs are there I will find them and I stay a cottage wannabe.

"just me jo"

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