Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cruising for Parks in a Western City by Hudson. Wi.

My daughter and I went for a little drive before going back to her place. She wanted to show me her favorite places, which we did in a hurry, cause we had pizza ordered for delivery. I must say we did time it right too.

As we were driving around looking for a certain entrance I spyed this beauty. I just had to get a shot.

I loved it cause at first sight it has the look of the older Victorian homes that are tall and large. I think there is actually humor in this little cottage. I would think the creator of this remodel would be a wonderful interesting person to know.

Even the fencing and the arbor seem to be of the period. Actually, I snapped the shot to show the little cottage next door which is probably replica from which the brown cottage once was.

Below then is a full shot of the remodeled cottage.
I wonder if it was from architectural pieces taken here and there. Often times you will be driving through smaller towns and see that someone has stashed such tops to churches and schools and other buildings. Where the bells once stood, etc.

I had wondered how much light the little tower gives. I myself, think maybe it was done to let in the light or give some sense of height inside the little house. If the owner were me, I wonder how it would be to add little windows all around the tower to let light in even more.
Perhaps, the person has put in a new window and still has to paint it.

And then we went home and watched all the pictures on her blue ray. One easy instant view.
I hope you can click to get these larger.

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arootdigger2 said...

I wish I had gotten a shot past that tree in front. It looks like it as a couple sets of dormers as well.