Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Art of the Victorian Conservatory Display

I thought you might like a look at the Sunken Garden, The Fern Room, The Palm Room. Sit a bit and I'll show some of my photos. My daughter did such a good job with most of these. I took a couple.

....The Sunken Garden - Spring View.....

Below is the Tropical Views, Lots of Glorious Ferns and rocks. I just love Ferns, [moss], rocks, and Water.

It always is nice to hear the sound of falling water, whether it is a trickle or a dynamic falls.

The Ferns look just like they are well adapted here. Hardly a brown mark on them. Love the dark rocks, dark water with the ferns. You know one can dye your pond water black. I suppose only certain tropical plants do well inside even in a conservatory. Such as that bush with yellow Flowers.

I love Maiden Hair Ferns, and little ferns, but I see nothing to complain about with these with Large fronds.

This is definitely a different Perspective. It gives one an odd feeling, doesn't it?
I just can't say enough about the sound of a bubbler, or the trickle of a fountain. Or the use of the calm water in a stream or pond as a break from all the busyness of so many different kinds of plants. A statue always enhances everything around it in the garden.


This isn't the best shot, but there is something about the right side of this photo that I love. The shade plants are enticing, aren't they against the dark of the trees. If it were a natural looking pond with rocks as the edging, it would be nice, but somehow the simple look here of the smooth pond and edging of the cement is a nice contrast with the many shapes of leaves under the trees.

I have stretched and skewed these picture here at the time of posting, which makes them a bit grainy, I suppose. I think this bottom one was better before I did it. I don't know how to get a larger size without you having to click for it.

For some reason I had expected the Jungle views to be a bit more colorful, They tried with the tropical plants with what I call the Modern or Contemporary looking blooms. Actually they were the popular house plants of the forties and fifties that I have seen in the very old issues of magazines. I found a plant like that with red flowers and heart shaped leaves at a box store before mothers day. I don't particularly like those kind of blooms nor the large leaves.

At times I find that I appreciate the green and brown of a calming scene. I suppose with all the variations of the green leaves and textures it is distracting enough, without unloading lots of bold colors there. I still can't help but feel that it would have been nice to see more orchids hanging here and there especially in the fern room. Maybe they are reserved for show in the summer.

A few years back this conservatory was shown on Good Company by Steve and Sharon Eddelman before Hgtv came into being. Or was it Victory Garden. In either case, what I remember was a total different look. I don't think there was a sunken Garden, either.

I know from googling a little that the Sunken Garden has changed from time to time, I have seen pictures of flowers showing a good deal of glorious pink. A lady told me the other day that the view she saw one summer was with red roses. It will be fun to google and see what the changes are for the summer view, for when I go back.

You have seen the general views. I have saved back a couple special ones for next time. [ Smile]

When I mentioned the orchids and ferns for a tropical look, it remind me of a little story I just have to share now. I had escaped from my family group at Disney land in Florida to tour a orchid conservatory nearby. Gushing and sighing, while browsing and showing my enjoyment, I had a little conversation with couple who claimed they were from St. Paul. I am sure when they first spoke to me, they had no Idea I was from back home, either. Perhaps I had a Minnesota accent and they guessed. [tee hee]

You know how it is, You always have to leave home to find someone from back home!

After I said that I had never seen anything like it, with all kinds of orchids displayed through out the tropical views. I said that later in summer they would line a board walk and at night with candles with all kinds of Orchids hanging all along the walk. After I finished gushing, the couple said, "Well you have never visited the Como Park, then." I had to admit, I had come there to especially to see this and I had neglected to view Como Park close to back home. They of course suggested that I do so, when ever I get a chance. Maybe then too, Como Park did not rely on donations for funding like I think it does now. [I wonder if they are feeling the economic crunch.] Now I can say I have seen it if it just happens to comes up in conversation again!

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