Sunday, October 4, 2009

For fall interest how about a blog from Acorn Cottage

At this time of year, do you get the urge to browse for fall ideas?

Well I do.

So Yesterday, I treated myself to a little Sunday blog cruising.

And it's even better a cruise, if I can stumble on some new to me blogs. So I think the next few days, I will share some I found from my armchair with my cups of Mint Tea.

Yesterday after viewing a few fall blogs, I went outdoors to my pine trees to get a few pine cones before I would be left picking in the bitter cold snow if I left the job too long. I eventually ventured over to the park with the idea that those cones would be larger. They weren't. but easier picking, I think. I came home with a small sack full due to a half an hours work. Not bad.

But amongst the pine cones are some acorns I picked up as I happened to see them laying there. "Pick me, Pick me up " they seemed so say. Some were still in the shell. It occurred to me how much they resembled a minature candle in a holder. [I may have to do some painting soon. ]

I had been wondering how I could paint the pine cones and the acorns, so I guess today at the start of blogging, the Acorn Cottage was still in my mind. I browsed it for some fall ideas. I found it such a pleasant relaxing blog. So I thought I would share that blog with you. Nancy has been at it barely a year with nearly eight hundred visitors. it was so new that I wasn't able to go to last years fall for her ideas. I am sure there are many more good fall posts to look forward to seeing. It should be fun keeping track of her and her blogs.

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