Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another cottage blogger to rave about - An Enchanted Cottage

I naturally would love a fellow blogger who also loves these pumpkins. And she says she does.

I especially love that she says she was once in Modern decor, but moved to a shabby chic mode. From there I am not sure, I was off looking at her pictures. This blogger evidently belongs to a circle which means further blogs to investigate as the time occurs. She has almost two hundred followers. There was also a magazine which you click on. Which I intend to do soon. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

She has a nice stream of ideas, of not just fabric pumpkins, but other interesting takes. I wonder if those are the old white doves back in my day that dissolved at a drop of a hat. Now isn't that a great idea. And these are a gift free to the lucky winner if you do it all right and your lucky, of course. [Just follow my link and or if it works click the picture.]

I have found this to be a fitting blog for viewing at the beginning of the fall season. I see here her cute fabric pumpkins one could create no matter what the material one wanted to use.

Good luck if you enter her contest!

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