Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I took a peek at Mark Bernsteins web page about beginning blogging. I do like his style of writing. I wish I could do as well. His flows is so easy. I think my writing gets choppy at times. Probably cause I tend to end in prepositions and then I try to corrct that error. Also, I do not always make complete sentences.

I am not sure about the 'blogroll' comment. That is one main reason, why I am commenting on his post. I would love to find out what others think of this. It is the advice one reads from others, who talk up blogging for beginners. It usually says to link to others.

I too think one should have an agreement if one were to act like a friend. If one was on a circle or clique. A circle a web ring. etc.

I am not out to try and make big ratings with this blog. Though I would like it to be pleasing to the eye and reader, if they happened to cross my path. But this is merely my reading list. They are not my buddies. Though, I would not mind at all if they were my buddies. I suppose I would be in heaven, if they were my friends. If they do not mind my comments on their blog now and then, because I can not resist, then I would do so.

But I a hermit or recluse do not think that I could be that active. I live my dream through the others blogs. I am kind of a silent lurker, at the side lines. you might say. I suppose the alternative is to get a feed or have their blogs go to your dashboard.

At any rate read the article and see what you think about idea of linking to others.

A List Apart: Articles: 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web: "Make good friends

Read widely and well, on the web and off, and in your web writing take special care to acknowledge the good work and good ideas of other writers. Show them at their best, pointing with grace and respect to issues where you and they differ. Take special care to be generous to good ideas from those who are less well known, less powerful, and less influential than you.

Weblog writers and other participants in the Living Web gain readers by exchanging links and ideas. Seeking to exchange links without ideas is vulgarly known as blogrolling. Begging high-traffic pages or famous writers to mention you is bothersome and unproductive

Instead of begging, find ways to be a good friend. All writers thrive on ideas; distribute them generously and always share the credit. Be generous with links. Be generous, too, with your time and effort; A-list sites may not need your traffic, but everyone can use a hand.

Many prominent web writers travel a lot – to conferences, meetings, trade shows. Sooner or later, they’ll come to your corner of the world. Offer to feed them. Invite them to parties. Offer to introduce them to interesting people. They might be too busy. They might be too shy. But the road can be a lonely place, and it’s always interesting to meet thinking people.


It sounds like good advice. It is food for my thoughts today. I am grateful I found this site. I could credit to someone for the suggestion, but I have forgotten who suggested it.

One more food for thought is the question one asks oneself sometimes when you visit the sites which have no comments. They say to comment, but do they mean it?.

I remember when I started the genalogy blog, I didn't know how. I had it all enabled and I got a spam. They were pushing something that had nothing to do with my topic. It was such an obvious ad. So even though I welcomed comments, I told my relatives that they could try to comment, but I didn't know how to work with it. I at least know how to do so now. But I am not sure how to reply to a person who comments. I am going to try and figure that out, soon.

It does seem my relatives either are not reading or don't care to comment.
In that case I guess I should read more on that subject.

Well, maybe after I read a little more of my new blogs that I added this morning in the wee hours, when I woke up so early.

If any one comes to this blog, and cares to comment on Mark Bernstien's comment on blog roll, do so freely.

I would love to know how others handel the blog rolls. I found that under Gadget the link Item does not always work. So I have placed url's into my blog roll there as well which do not have feeders.
I shall have to explore the google reader to see if it is for blogs as well as books.
just jo.


TTFWEB said...

I like your blogroll - there are lots of interesting sites from all over the place.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I am into many of the same styles as I see listed on your banner. I'll be back to check out future posts...Donna

arootdigger2 said...

Thank you.
Yes do come back. May I visit you?

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.