Monday, October 27, 2008

Do your Ads ever strike you as leaning towards humorous on your blog

It's true. I have found the choices the adsense places on my blog to be in the category of humorus from time to time. I have had adsense on another blog for half a year. I had put them at the top of the page, so they'd be seen. Usually, I would scroll by in order to see the rest of my blog and I really paid no attention to them.

Until one day this ad appeared on my page about Behrens. It suggested a search source for Behrens. I see where they get the name for it. Ad sense[d]. I thought - wow, I could be my own best customer. Not a good idea, cause I am not suppose to click on those ads. Nor am I to intice my friends and relatives to do so for me. Talk about a Pandoras box. That's what that ad seemed to be to me. An ad that says open me , open me open me. Then if I did give in, it would be zing! zing! I am down on the dead blog list.

So that day I kept looking at all my pages to see just was posted there. I now make sure that I look at them. Actually I look forward to see what will be new each time.

Some are embarassing.
The one ad I found a little puzzling was the one that was placed and then later disappeared. It was an ad for ADHD. LOL. I could see no topic that made it appear. LOL. No really. Yeah, maybe my own ADHD caused me to skip off topic now and then. Well okay, that probably that was the case for motivation of that ad placement. It did disappear though.

Can you forsee the possibilites they have in their ad topics.
Last night, It occured to me the possiblies they are cabable of. In fact, I might risk having more ads just for the laugh.

Let me paint the picture here first, so you can see what I mean. I had previously posted about the search program that Ancestry .com has to find your man in the Franco Prussian war casualites list of 1870. Then because of my blathering about my man being taken as prisoner and nearly died with typhoid - typhus.

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Also because another relative had made a reference to the sickness as being another name; I decided to check and see, if I was really correct in calling it typhoid. I was thinking then, that if I had it wrong, I should correct it on the blog. My new found topic of typhus, which is caused by the scratch and the feces of the louse or lice. So I posted a interesting linking to an article on typhus.

No typhus is not funny. And no ads to that are possible. But ads for ridding oneself of fleas and lice is very possible!

lice product - Google Image Search

No kidding. And that is what they did! I found humor in that they are capable of all kinds of ads like that. If I had allowed them three ads to the page, can you imagine what ads I would get.

I am sure there might have been one for the morque or the funeral parlor. If I publish an article of accidental death, maybe there would be a placement for sympathy flowers for all occasions. I wouldn't be surprised to see something about cemetery plots. Tombstones. Accident insurance. I mean my imagination has no limit at what they could come up with. What else would they come up with?

Ship lists bring ads on shipping.
Bad spelling brings ads for dictionaries? Badly done rooms bring out decorating books?

Other blogs ads
Have you seen any good ones on the web. Had some doozies yourself?

I don't mind really. My only purpose for adsense is to try and make a little from that blog. If it were possible, the money would be donated to german churches for their time that they spend helping me by researching their old books.

Now, if we have adsense on a blog about romantic homes or romantic life as a topic, would you want to have adds about lice and fleas on your page. No. But then that would not be the subject on such a nice page about pretty homes. How do they get such nice ads for Romantic homes, Romantic living? Victoria, etc?

romantic home magazine - Google Image Search

I look forward to the new ad with anticipation for the big reveal-surprise.
I am sure if you were like me, you would further enjoy each ad placement.
It's like opening a crackerjack box to see the surprise gift.

cracker jacks - Google Image Search

Measly, though it was. It's like the message inside the fortune cookie. The surprise and anticipation I find is a reward for a new post to the blog all in itself. I guess I have to start paying attention to the ads on other peoples blogs.

Who are the creators of the ads?
The thing I most think about; when I spot the ad and then read them is about the people who decides what gets posted on my page. I really would like to know what they are like. I bet there are more than one and they sit by each other at their computer ad office. I bet they share comments and they have their own little private jokes between them. Imagine how many blogs they must observe.

I had an idea one time to make this blog called Secret Victorian. I am sure the ad would lead to Victorias Secret Lingerie.

Don't you wonder sometimes, if they ever get stumped. I mean I have seen some short blogs elsewhere. In that case they have little to work with.
If there was one for this page, it would be an ad for getting adsense ads.

There for a time on my genealogy blog, I saw the same old ad to same old search link. Like a standby. I wonder if they really read all of the blog........ Or do they ever fall asleep while reading it. lol.

I say that because mine is the opposite of short. It is probably only interesting if one is related to my family, vast as it is.

Maybe I should try being and employee of Adsense
I bet I could come up with some doozies, all by my self, that would bring up some interesting ads! One of my future posts is about the employment my family had of helping others to hunt deer, pig or boar. [Rotwild und Schwein oder Eber]

I can' wait to see, if they show them selves in the same light as they have in the past. Would it be something about taxodermy, or guns, or gun rights, camping gear, flashlights? Hotel rooms for the trip? It will be interesting to find out. Be sure to check back and see.

I'd love to hear what you have found or experienced.

Do you agree with me though, about the person who places the ad on your blog. Wouldn't you say it's got to be a job for a creative person. That person does have some creative genes, and he must have a sense of humor for sure. At least mine does, I am not sure about yours.

Hmmmmm. I wonder where one gets the applications.

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