Saturday, August 21, 2010

~ A Country Cottage Wild Garden ~

Can you sit awhile, I'll show you

Part of my cottage garden.

We're getting closer.

Here we are. See. Silver, blue, lavender, gold,white, peach. My daughter gave me a package of glad bulbs in assorted colors. I divided them up and planted them into different places. I am so proud that these look so nice next to the beautiful blue Chicory.

I'm hoping the chicory seeds properly for a bigger impact next year. Maybe I can move some of the silver plants a bit further in. They are wild and have a mid of their own. The only thing not wild in the country cottage garden are the glads. [smile]

I had a few more, but I planted a few in some pots, so I could have them near the house. One of them bloomed in another bed about the same color, but there is nothing next to it as nice as this.

Thanks for stopping by to get a glimpse of the glads in my little wild cottage garden.

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