Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Cottage Wannabe Reminder

Welcome to my cottage site. I am trying to turn my little home into the cutest cottage like I have seen in decorating shows, magazines and blogs. So therefore my unfortunate title evolved into what it is. My house is a cottage wannabe. I am a cottage decorator reader wannabe. [What I really mean is that I am a person who wants her home to be a pretty little cottage.!]

I seemed to have adopted the shabby cottage look. You can see by the photo on the right that I am into shabby cottage. I would like to go from cottage Ick to cottage chic. and from Shabby schick to schabby chic.

My main hobby is collecting styles in the blogs.
But there are certain kinds of cottage decor that I am attracted to at the magazine stands and in my blog collections. Now, don't take my home as an example of my taste. Not now any way.

My taste.
I love French country in the new form and the traditional form. European or old world is great too. And comfort decorating could be my style as well. I am a supporter of the romantic style. I am crazy about vintage and victorian decor.
I do love the Shabby chic look. I may prefer something with just Cottage Charm in the end.

One can't forget the garden media. And the Crafts and makeovers.
I find it is a consuming interest. I have to have something in the subject now and then. Television shows, magazines, videos, and blogs.

I shall eventually learn a lot from the many blogs I collect and read!
I am going to confess now. The title should have been "cottage blogger wannabe" . I would love to be a cottage blogger like I see in the beautyful blogs that I enjoy. I have a cottage and I am a cottage chic wannabe person. Maybe I could do this, If Only I could straighten my cottage out a little. Maybe then? I want my home to look like those I have been wishing about for years. The old disney motto is : If you dream it, it will come true. It's possible I have dreamed a lot. It can happen. Do you think?

Really though for now, I think I just would rather just enjoy the great work done by the others. I am at the game in the side lines cheering the players, on so to speak. I just admire their skill.

I actually created this blog for an excuse.
I like to be able to store some blog rolls. Recently I had rolled a few onto my genealogy blogs, and it just didn't seem the right place. It didn't pertain.

That is not the only reason I think they shouldn't be there at a genealogy blog. The other reason is that I don't want my readers to wander off to some gorgeous website opportunity that I present to them. Then they forget to return to my genealogy blog. I know, I would do that myself. Here well, it's okay. If you come here, it's okay to go off to the blogs. I am not predicting that I will be found anyway.

While I have the blog space, I'll just have a little fun. I'll be sharing my shabby cottage [ick]. I'll share my little cruising for new ones now and then. We will learn what I think are good blogs. I may attempt once or twice a few views of the styles or the kind I don't like.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome. If your reading, please don't mind my poorly written blog or my awful grammer. [My cousin got all the smarts in that department.]

So far, I have done a good job nuturing my hobby of blog collecting..

I am hoping you can share some of my results of my sunday cruises of the web. I will add more here. I know I will eventually want to share some of my favorite ideas that I find on them. I am not sure, if I will be allowed to do that. Maybe if I can I can share some of my magazine clippings. If I am allowed to do that.

Thats all today from the cottage wannabe blogger reader. It's
just jo


Graham Sisters said...

Hi there!

I found your blog, from my blog, of all places (feedjit)! I'm right there with you, wanting to be "Victoria", but more like "Countryside" in real life~I love all the "cottage rose" blogs, but find they don't work with five littles under foot!
"Someday I'll wish upon a star . . .;) "

I really like your blog list-I think I've been to most of them (Except the French ones, parsque je ne parle pas tres bien le francais.)

Best wishes,


Marqueta said...

Oops, I left that post under my daughter's name!

Here's the "real" me!


arootdigger2 said...

How kind of you to take the time to comment and say such nice things. At such a busy time too.

I do enjoy your blog. I swear I learn new things each time I visit.

I apologize for the delay in my response. I had the computer in the hospital. But she's fine now. Mable is able.

Actually, we have to restore some capabilities. I can't post pictures just yet. I can read instead. Happy Holidays to you.